Stevedoring & Warehousing

Available to you are versatile transshipment and storage possibilities both for bulk materials (fertilisers, peat, wood chips) and round as well as sawn timber and mixed cargo.

The sea and inland port Papenburg

is the southernmost German seaport and ensures access for ships with a draft of 5.5 m . The port is located directly on the main waterway Ems and has excellent hinterland connections

The seaport Emden

is geographically the third largest North Sea port and the western most port in Germany. Tidal factor seaward visited by ships with a depth of 8,10 m ensure the driveway with a maximum draft of 10.7 m.The port is located on the north bank of the river Ems has good infrastructal connections

Hinterland connection

Water side will be linked to the south of the German waterway network across the Ems. By the Dortmund-Ems Canal, the connection to the center channel. In the broad course of the economic center of the Rhine-Ruhr can be achieved.

By road, the connection to Papenburg on the motorway A31 directly on the B70 without going through residential areas, in Emden the link to the A31 and A28, with connection to the Dutch infrastructure.

Side track the connection via Papenburg station or Emden station is possible. Via an electrified route the connection is made to the economic area Rhein-Ruhr. A connection to the Dutch railway network is also given.

We therefore offer our logistics concept from a single source

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Discharge of peatmoss

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