Schulte & Bruns Emden - stevedoring & warehousing

We are an innovative handling and storage specialist with our modern loading facilities, your partner in terms of cargo handling and port logistics.

Versatile handling and storage facilities, both for bulk materials (fertilizers, building materials, fodder, peat, wood chips, logs and lumber) and for piece goods are available in two attractive locations

Our facilities include the following:

  • abt. 10.000 sqm warehouses for bulk and general cargo
  • abt.. 60.000 sqm free storage areas for bulk cargo
  • free storage areas at the Südkai for bulk cargo
  • open areas for industrial settlement with direct motorway access
  • private slidings

We create space for you:

Sven Hilbrands
Tel.: +49 (0) 4921 812-30


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Schulte & Bruns GmbH & Co. KG EN
Deverhafen / Dockerhouse - D 26871 Papenburg